Modern Orthodontics with Clear Aligners: Simple Protocols to Solve the Most Complex Cases

di Peydro Herrero Diego

The Orthodontic techniques are undergoing an ever greater and faster revolution. We are seeing how new techniques and new protocols appear and allow us to achieve results that in the past were really complex to achieve. Orthodontics with aligners is the technique that allow me to achieve the most predictable results and in a less invasive way than other techniques. I truly Believe that It’s possible to solve any malocclusion with Clear aligners when we understand the biomechanics of tooth movement with aligners and its difference when we compare with braces To succeed , any single movement has to be planned under a predictable protocol, following the basic concepts of Orthodontics. Protocols and mechanics are everything when we talk about aligners. Aligner techniques are Orthodontic techniques. So everything starts with a diagnosis and treatment plan. And after that come the protocols that allow us to get the treatment goals planned. Dr Diego Peydro will show How to apply Simple and predictable protocols to solve any malocclusion with aligners with the best quality of finishing. He also, will show a series of complex cases, solved with simple protocols, easy to implement.

Obiettivi di apprendimento

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